It’s been a great year of CHANGE for our company. Here’s what we’re especially grateful for this year:

A New Passion

2021 has been all about a new focus, a new direction, and that’s process automation. We started the new year determined to chase after this new line of business that matched so well with our skillsets and passions. And we’re ending the year knowing that we’ve found our specific niche and our path forward into the future. It’s been great fun to watch our team find better and more streamlined ways to automate processes for our clients. The future is bright.

A New Brand

We knew we would be exploring a new direction in 2021, but we sure didn’t start out this year intending to rebrand. Once we settled into our path forward though, rebranding from “EduSource” to “RoboSource” seemed like a natural shift. It’s been a lot of work – after all, we’ve used the brand of “EduSource” for seven years – and that’s a lot to redo, redesign, rewrite, reprint, RETRAIN. But it’s been a fun journey. We feel confident that “RoboSource” is here to stay.

A New Mission

Our old mission focused almost entirely on what has always been our “why”: training the next generation of software engineers. Though that will always be part of our why, we wanted to broaden our mission a bit to encompass the joy we’re getting from helping free our clients from monotonous work. Here’s the updated mission:

We imagine a world where people are free to engage in meaningful, impactful work. Thus we are committed to two things: helping the next generation through work-based training and freeing our clients from the monotony that keeps them from creatively solving problems.

That just feels right.

A New Home

When I said it’s been a year of change, I wasn’t kidding. A month ago we moved out of our shared downtown office space back into Launch Fishers, where we started out years ago. If you aren’t familiar with it, Launch Fishers is a collaborative work space with designated office space attached. We used just the collaborative work space years ago, and moved back in recently to one of the designated offices. It’s exciting – we’re expecting significant growth in the coming months, and Launch is great place to hang out while we figure out what’s next.


From all of us here at RoboSource, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones!