We Are RoboSource

Our Why:

Thus, we are committed to two things:

Helping the next generation of technology professionals through work-based training (our apprentice program),

AND freeing our clients from the monotony that keeps them from engaging in creative, strategic work (process automation).

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RoboSource’s Partners

We are proud to partner with the following companies:

What Our Clients Say

“Working with RoboSource to create this bot saved our organization significant man hours, improved our data, and reduced the stress on our already overwhelmed staff.”

Shawn Miller, Community Health Network


“The RoboSource team / experience has been an absolute pleasure. They have provided the solutions required to meet our needs in the time frame and budget allowed. The team is open minded and came to understand the complexity of our business quite quickly, which allowed for a robust, user-friendly solution.”

Don Hummer, Cummins, Inc.


Case Studies:

Case Study: Automate Vaccination Proof

The Problem: Updating Vaccine Records in Time Community Health Network mandated proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement to return to its facilities. A deadline was set by Community leadership for all employees, even front-line workers. Community created an...

Case Study: Automate Leadership Evaluations

RoboSource Specialty: Process Automation One of our sweet spots is robotic process automation, and we used that to automate leadership evaluations. If you aren't getting the information you need out of your data, email Brett Ridoux at brett.ridoux@robosource.us for a...

Case Study: Parsing Data for a Local Nonprofit

The Problem: An Indianapolis-based nonprofit that regulates student athletes receives student transcripts from high schools around the country. The transcripts contain the required information, but in thousands of different formats. As a result, employees had to enter...

Case Study: Customized Management System

  The Problem: The service operations division of an American Fortune 500 manufacturing company has service facilities all over the world. These facilities did not have a mechanism for documenting and tracking whether the physical appearance and processes in each...

Case Study: Data Cleansing Through Machine Learning

RoboSource Speciality: Data Cleansing Via Machine Learning   The Problem Our client is a nonprofit that since 1997 has developed STEM curricula for use in US schools from pre-K through high school across all 50 states. This company's data system had 5.5 million...

Case Study: Interpreting Medical Data

RoboSource Specialty: Data Analytics The RoboSource team can craft all kinds of custom software, but one of our sweet spots is big data cleanup and data analytics. We use that when interpreting medical data. If you aren't getting the information you need out of your...

2018 Nominee for Mira Award: Company Culture of the Year


Some of Our Clients:

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