We Are RoboSource

Two brands. One mission. One company.


Passionate about tech & automation.

Passionate about training the next generation.


Our story starts in 2012, with two college roommates that had a big dream and a company named “EduSource.”

We still use that name to represent the earn & learn apprenticeship branch of our company. (Read more about it here.)

But today, we go by the name RoboSource, because it more accurately portrays what we do day-to-day. That is, automating processes using tools like RPA and custom software. And using those automation projects to train the next generation.

Our Why:

We do two things, and we do them well: we automate processes and we train people in technology.

Our passion lies in training people in the world of technology (and especially those who may not have had the opportunity otherwise). We believe people learn best from working on REAL projects, with other REAL developers, so that’s exactly what we do. Our teams include full-time software engineers working alongside our apprentices, and they practice excellence in software artisanship by completing process automation and custom software projects.

It’s a win-win-win. Great experience for our apprentices, a talent pipeline for us, and less-expensive options for our clients.

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2018 Nominee for Mira Award: Company Culture of the Year


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