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What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade from a skilled worker. Historically, apprenticeships were a primary method for adult education in America. And they still are in certain industries.

Recently, apprenticeships are making a comeback, especially with the crisis of cost associated with post-secondary education. Why shouldn’t young adults get paid to learn their trade, helping to support their formal education? Why shouldn’t they have the opportunity to earn money WHILE learning, both through the classroom and through practical application?

At RoboSource, they can. We believe people learn best through doing, so we pair apprentices up with full-time software engineers to get a deep-dive into the world of custom software creation.

I gained four new computer languages, learned about different frameworks, and expanded my knowledge in frontend and backend programming. I had to refactor my entire resume to add in all the experience that I learned over the course of a summer. RoboSource changed my life more than I can even explain.

– Mireina Keith

2021 RoboSource Apprentice

How does it work?

RoboSource has a long-established college student apprenticeship program. Here’s how it works:

  • Applications open in October for the following summer. Students can apply on our RoboSource Careers page. Final choices are made early in spring semester.
  • New apprentices are slowly integrated into RoboSource culture over spring semester.
  • In early summer, apprentice training days start. Students spend several days in intense training, then are on-site for the rest of the summer, working full-time.
  • When school is in session, some apprentices are chosen to work part-time remotely.
  • Apprentices can work for RoboSource for up to three years during school, gaining valuable real-world experience and getting paid to learn.

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(Applications are open October-December for the following summer.)

We Work With:

  • College students pursuing a computer science or related degree
  • Those looking to expand into a second career later in life

I am incredibly thankful for the people that invested their time both professionally and personally to teach me and grow me as a software engineer. I know these are people that genuinely cared about the growth of the next generation of developers.

– Dylan Mangold

2018-19 RoboSource Apprentice

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Why is an Apprenticeship better than an Internship?

Computer science internships emphasize exposing students to the real-world of software engineering. Alternatively, an apprenticeship involves immersing students in work through hands-on training by veteran team members. We put apprentices on software engineering teams, and have them dig right into real work. In the past, we’ve had students working on:

  • A phone app that helps apprentices in other industries track required trainings and request assessments
  • An exhaustive web application that runs client care through billing and quoting for a medical company
  • A text-parsing tool that “reads” transcripts and pulls the data into an organized format
  • And many, many more!
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