Optimize Your Processes Through Business Process Management & Process Mining

What Is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Processes are only as strong as their alignment to the company’s strategy. How do you ensure that your processes align? And how do you make sure there is clarity within your team about how to perform the processes? And then how on earth do you make sure the process is followed every single time?

That’s where Business Process Management (BPM) and Process Mining come in.

BPM uses various methods to analyze current processes and ensure they align with the overarching business strategy. Some processes are unstructured and variable, but the best processes are structured so that quality can be ensured every single time. We can help you structure processes that are key to producing business outcomes by using the appropriate business process management software and tools.

What Is Process Mining?

Process mining is taking existing processes, documenting them, and analyzing which steps of the process are automatable. RoboSource uses software to do much of this automatically, then process owners can meet with our consultants to discuss what parts of their process make sense to automate.

Minimizing Time and Risk

BPM and process mining help businesses increase margins for key employees, freeing them from monotonous work and improving workflow management. They do this by minimizing risk and time.

Business processes are always closely linked to risk. Since processes align directly to business strategy, having employees short-circuit processes or complete them incorrectly is a huge risk for businesses. BPM can identify where risks live within business processes.

Some processes have elements that require human interaction. Through process mining, we can identify the sections of the process that are automatable.

Automation can “force” employees down a path of following the process and decreasing the risk. Automation can also ensure that data associated with processes is clean and error-free, something the best human employees cannot claim.

Business process automation almost always saves time. Software bots can complete tasks more quickly than their human counterparts, and they can work 24 hours per day, if needed.

Companies use BPM and process mining to minimize time and risk associated with their strategic processes.

5 Steps in Business Process Management:


A process consultant interviews stakeholders, reviews any existing process documentation, and uses software to produce a model of a key strategic process.

Process Mine

Using software, we “mine” for parts of the process that can be automated to minimize time spent and risk for the company.


RoboSource can automate part or all of the process, “forcing” employees down the road of following the process. Automation ensures clean data and margin for employees who used to run a monotonous part of the process.


Utilizing data gained by using bots to run processes where possible, RoboSource can monitor the process. Process monitoring is becoming increasingly important to ensure safe, reliable operation of business systems.


Robotic Process Automation botsOnce processes are running smoothly and consistently, we can find ways to continue to optimize them. Automation technology is evolving continuously, and what’s possible today wasn’t possible just a few years ago.

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RoboSource automates business processes for small- to mid-sized companies. We help companies automate monotonous processes with business process management tools so their employees can focus on the important work of strategizing, solving problems and growing their business. To learn more about business process management and process mining, contact us today to request a free consultation.