If one thing is true about RoboSource, it’s that we love investing in people. That’s really why we do everything we do. From our apprenticeship program to the creative problem-solving we engage in on a daily basis, it’s all about connecting with people and helping them be more effective.

That’s why we’re so excited to tell you that we, along with our partner, Love Justice International, have won a grant from the Strategic Empowerment and Enterprise Development (SEED) Challenge to create some really useful software. The SEED Challenge is part of Ambassador Enterprises. The goal of the grant is “to foster collaboration by providing organizations the opportunity to address an otherwise unmet need in their community.”

Why Love Justice International? The organization (formerly Tiny Hands International) was started by some Taylor University grads to focus on preventing human trafficking by identifying and rescuing victims before they reach their end destination (at which point they become very hard to find). Some of our employees have already been volunteering their expertise with Love Justice International since their college days, so we had a relationship already.

What exactly is RoboSource’s role in all this? Well, Love Justice International currently tracks all their data about the movement of trafficking victims in Excel. That can get pretty crazy, as I’m sure you can imagine. RoboSource will be transferring that Excel database to a cloud-based system to help them be more efficient in their very important work!

We are thrilled about this opportunity, and are so grateful and honored to have received the SEED Challenge to make it possible!