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“What is digital transformation?”



“Why is the sky blue?”



“Is Coach Bot right for me?”


“How many developers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”

We answer (almost) all these questions and more on a regular basis. Have a question that isn’t answered here? Email

About Coach Bot

What (who?) is Coach Bot?

Coach Bot is software that enables your business to organize your processes or SOPs or workflows, whatever you happen to call them. (In Coach Bot, we call them “plays.”) After the organization, Coach Bot makes sure the work actually gets done as expected, and then optimizes & automates the plays using AI and process-automation software. Yes, Coach Bot does all that!

How do I get started with Coach Bot?

Coach Bot isn’t the kind of software that you just download and start using. When you purchase Coach Bot, you get access to a real human process expert along with it. Your process expert will be there every step of the way, helping you use the software and adding in automations when possible.

So to get started with Coach Bot? Just fill out the Coach Bot form, and someone will contact you about setting up a kick-off meeting. You can also fill out the form if you just want to talk to someone about Coach Bot and whether it’s a good fit for your business.

After the kickoff meeting, your Process Coach will meet with you virtually to get your first SOP (or “play” in Coach Bot terminology) into the software. Your Process Coach is always available to you, and will meet with regularly to improve efficiency.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is simply the process of adopting and implementing digital technology. We aren’t talking, though, about having a website or investing in e-commerce. We’re talking about using emerging technology – things like process automation, AI, and machine learning – to truly transform your business by making it more efficient. You can read more about how Coach Bot helps companies start down the path of digital transformation here

How much does Coach Bot cost?

We’re still working on Coach Bot’s pricing page, but the price will somewhat depend on what features you need. For example, if you choose to use advanced AI features, your cost will increase. All Coach Bot costs include an initial implementation fee and a recurring monthly payment.

I'm getting an error with Coach Bot. What should I do?

You are always welcome to contact your Process Coach to report any technical issues. But you can also email to get directly to tech support.

Does Coach Bot use AI?

Yes! The basic version of Coach Bot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enforce the steps of your SOP (called “plays” in Coach Bot). But you can also purchase the AI-Version of Coach Bot. When you do that, the RoboSource team will train agent-based bots to run process steps for you. Once the AI bot is trained, you’ll be able to interact with it about your business, using your company-specific lingo.

Is Coach Bot automation?

Absolutely. While the basic Coach Bot is a simple form of automating enforcement of your SOP (called a “play” in Coach Bot), much more sophisticated automation is available. Once you start running a play in Coach Bot, your Process Coach will help you find ways to automate specific steps. The great news? As long as we’re interacting with one of hundreds of popular software options, the cost to add in the automation is already included in the base Coach Bot price!

About RoboSource

How did RoboSource get its start?

That’s a fun story.

Back when Jason had a small company (called jrbeutler, inc.) that consisted of, well, just himself, he was consulting at a local logistics company and overseeing an outsourced team from India. At the same time, he was teaching a computer science class as an adjunct professor at Taylor University.

As the semester wore on, Jason discovered something surprising: the students were writing better, more concise, more maintainable code than the India team. An idea formed: what if we outsourced software-writing to local college students rather than overseas?

Thus started our apprentice program. To date, RoboSource has touched the lives of more than 100 students through that program.

In 2020, we started implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In 2021, we realized that most of what we do is technology-assisted automation of some kind or another. Due to some brand confusion we’d experienced in the past, we made the decision to change our main brand to “RoboSource.” Our mission hasn’t changed, but our name has gone through a few iterations.

That’s not the end! Check out this blog post to read the rest of our story.

How is RoboSource related to EduSource?

We’re legally all the same company. Our Mission Statement is:

“We imagine a world where people are free to engage in meaningful, impactful work. Thus we are committed to two things: Helping the next generation of technology professionals through work-based training (our apprentice program), AND freeing our clients from the monotony that keeps them from engaging in creative, strategic work.”

When we were first starting out, we chose a DBA (Doing Business As – our legal name has always been jrbeutler, inc) of “EduSource” as a nod to our apprentice program. Though we are every bit as much about that mission today as we were back then, we’ve recognized that our name can be confusing in the marketplace. That’s why we decided to change our DBA to “RoboSource.”

What Are RoboSource's Core Values?

At RoboSource, we’re anything but mundane. So when we convened our leadership team and tasked them with creating core values, we got some craziness. “Let’s base each one on a movie character.” “Or how about an obscure TV personality?” We got a lot of ideas. We had a lot of debate.

At the end of several meetings, we agreed on one thing: we wanted each core value to have a story. We wanted them to mean nothing to someone who just walked in off the street and everything to our team. We hoped by using core values that told a story, our team would remember them, internalize them, live them. Here they are:

1. Crownless King
Take ownership
Take responsibility
Give grace

2. Phalanx
Protect each other
Protect the client
March as one

3. Figure-it-Out Gene
Be curious
Be fearless
Find solutions

4. Kaizen
Keep improving
Keep changing
Make it better

Strange words, we know, but packed with meaning for our team.

What is the RoboSource apprentice program?

Did you know that when you work with RoboSource, you’re helping a college student pay for school? Even though we’re a small business, RoboSource has always had a college apprentice program. Students work for us full-time during the summer and part-time (remotely) while at school. Why do we call them apprentices? Because they are engaged in work-based learning, working right alongside our full-time engineers, and also learning through specific time-tested programming. 

RoboSource apprentices earn money year-round, and can graduate from college with up to three years of professional experience. Over time, RoboSource has touched more than 100 student lives through its apprentice program. Want to know more? Visit our apprentice page

Interested in applying? RoboSource apprentices generally are pursuing a computer science, computer engineering, or related degree. We start recruiting for our summer apprentice class in the fall. Watch for the “apprentice software engineer” our job opening to show up on our Careers page.