Work More Efficiently Through Automation

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Work More Efficiently Through Automation

Offload monotonous tasks and spend more time doing what you’re uniquely gifted to do.

RoboSource bots work 24 hours a day, completing monotonous tasks
for our clients. Right now, they are:

Monitoring Outlook

Creating performance reviews

Running the monthly billing cycle

Downloading survey results

Entering the same info in multiple places

Auto-responding to sales quotes

Process Automation is the future of work. Soon every business will have a digital workforce alongside its human workforce. Automated processes get work through faster, more efficiently, and more accurately.

So what is process automation? Think of all the jobs around the office that your team has to complete every day (or week) to keep the business operational – things like entering information into multiple systems, manning email inboxes, pulling down the same information from a website over and over again. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), software engineers teach digital bots how to perform those jobs for you.

RoboSource can provide process-writing and support for those using RPA on premises. But with our “as-a-service” model, we can also do it all here, in house, for a low monthly payment, eliminating the usual expense associated with investing in the infrastructure, software, and training. Your cloud-based solution will scale with you, as you find new ways to save time and increase accuracy.

With our “as-a-service” model, process automation is more affordable than you’d think.


Is Automation Stealing Jobs?

It’s not that automation is taking jobs from people; it’s allowing companies that can’t find enough workers to fill orders they otherwise would have to turn down.


“You don’t fire workers and hire a robot. That happens exactly no times,” said David Autor, an economics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

– “An Age of ‘Robo-Sapiens’? Hiring Troubles Prompt Some Employers to Eye More Automation” The Seattle Times, May 22, 2021

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