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What’s it like to work at RoboSource?

Are you Phalanx? Introducing Our Core Values

“Oh great,” I can hear you thinking it now. “Corporate values. As exciting as watching weeds grow.” I’m with you. Vision. Leadership. Profit. Integrity. Customer Service. Accountability. There’s nothing wrong with any of these, but they are so … expected. Mundane....

Life Tips from Programmers

We do a lot of programming at RoboSource. In fact, it’s our entire job. Everyone in our company is dedicated to producing high-quality software that solves problems and makes life better. Our software developers do that by writing really good computer code. I am not a...

Our Story: How RoboSource Got to Where it is Today

One thing I continue to read about marketing: It's all about your story. We have a compelling one at RoboSource, so today, I'll take some time to tell it. At least, our story so far. The RoboSource story has always been about our people, so I fully expect that our...

Customer Service: 3 Things I Learned from our Company Cruise

We've been calling 2017 "The Year of the Customer." In December, as a company, we had a book study focused on customer service. Together, we read and discussed "Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit" by Leonardo Inghiller and Micah Solomon. The book led to great...

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