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Feel free to apply for any of the jobs listed below. If nothing is listed, you can always email your resume to for us to keep on file.

Current Open Positions:

Summer Apprentice
Software Engineer

We hire a team of college student summer apprentices each year. Apprentices learn custom development, RPA development, and professional skills.



Account Executive

We are looking for a driven individual to run the entire sales process for our product, Coach Bot. This person will work directly with RoboSource CEO Jason Beutler. Email Kendra at for more info.


What’s it like to work at RoboSource?

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Life Tips from Programmers

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Read more about our Apprenticeship Program!

Summer Software Engineering Apprenticeship

We’re now taking applications for computer science / engineering majors for our summer apprentice class. Applications close on December 24, 2023. This year’s apprentice program will start in May 2024. Apprentices are temporary team members at RoboSource, paid hourly. You can read more our EduSource Apprentice Program here.

Apprentice Application

Personal Information


Account Executive

Job Summary: The Account Executive will run the entire sales process for RoboSource.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Generate & follow up on leads
  • Sell Coach Bot product
  • Conduct market research
  • Oversee new client handoff

Specific Skill Requirements:

  • Proven excellence in a sales role. Some sales experience required. Preferred experience in tech sales; preferred 3+ years in sales experience.
  • Tech savvy. This position will need to understand technology and use software easily.
  • Excellent communicator. Must be a skillful, professional communicator. Excellent written communication skills are also a must.
  • Driven to figure things out. Our team members are people who are driven to dig in and are creative problem solvers.
  • Adaptable. The best fit at RoboSource is a person who understands that being able to pivot quickly is our super power as a small business. When we learn new & better ways to do things, we shift quickly.
  • Looking for more than just a job. RoboSource team members genuinely care about each other. We do NOT believe in stepping on people to get to the top.
  • Taking ownership. RoboSource team members have an ownership mentality. We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility (regardless of position) to make things better.
  • Excellent customer service. We expect endless patience in working with clients and potential clients.
  • Drive. The people who fit best at RoboSource crave growth and are self-motivated and self-driven.
Account Executive

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