In late October, Brett Ridoux fell in our laps. Seriously. We were connected by mutual friends, and decided to talk to him to be nice. After all, we weren’t in the market for a Director of Sales.

But once we talked to Brett, we immediately knew that adding him to our team was the right move. After all, he had one thing that is very difficult to find: experience selling custom software. There’s more to the story, but the short version is that within a week, we had worked out the details, and he was getting ready to start. It’s been a whirlwind, but we are so glad Brett is here.

Given that, we’re thrilled to introduce our new Director of Sales, Brett Ridoux. Here’s a little more about him:

Brett Ridoux – Director of Sales

Family Info: I’ve been married to my wife, Lee, for 23 years. We have two sons, John “Jay” (16 years) and Gabriel “Gabe” (almost 10 years) and a dog, Tyra.

Education Background: MBA in Marketing/Logistics from University of Tennessee (1998); BA in History from Indiana University (1994); Certificate in Digital Marketing from Cornell University (2017)

What would you do with a completely free Saturday? I’d enjoy time in my yard – landscaping, playing with the kids, bird watching, and relaxing in nature. Then I’d play a fun family game, go for a run with my dog, watch a sports game, help someone in need, read with some jazz or classical music in the background, or write a blog post.

What’s your favorite kind of ice cream? Graeter’s Black Cherry Chocolate Chip

What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve done in your life? Adopting my two boys. They were the two most direct calls from God I’ve ever received, and I love that he wanted us to have a multi-racial family. I’m very happy to be a dad!

Why are you excited to work for RoboSource? RoboSource gives me a great balance of the opportunity to lead while being supported by a talented, passionate group of people. We know our strengths and understand our purpose in the Indy tech community.

Why are you interested in sales and business development? Complex-solution sales gives me the opportunity to be both creative and technical. I get to analyze opportunities, uncover business needs, develop creative solutions, and build long-lasting relationships.

How do you unwind? Hanging out with my wife, kids, and dog, or relaxing when everyone’s gone to bed.

What’s your favorite movie and why? “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Initially, it just appealed to my goofy sense of humor, but now it reminds me of a fun and simple time in my life.

What did you listen to on the way to work this morning? An IU Basketball podcast

What’s something from your past that affects who you are today? My wife’s cancer and my son’s mental illness have taught me to take one day at a time, and that time can be both a precious gift and an idol.

What’s the last book you read? “Searching for God Knows What” by Donald Miller.

What’s something that would surprise people to know about you? Under pressure, I completed a year of law school between my undergrad and MBA. Matt Damon sat at my favorite law school reading desk in the movie “The Rainmaker.”

What are two other random facts about you? I was an All-State cross country runner in high school, and I wrote a novel.

Brett cut his teeth on the custom software business, so he’s a great person to talk to about your technology needs. Feel free to email him directly at