Here’s a Tool to Reduce Mundane Tasks

Coach Bot HR Automation Software Ensure Every Step Gets Taken … Every Time


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Coach Bot allows you to map out your workflows and add simple automations to streamline. So yes, you’ll still have to do the HR dirty work, but you’ll also have plenty of time to work on the more strategic aspects of your job. Like, where are we going for the off-site this year?

“Coach Bot is an easy first step into digital transformation for any company. Using simple automation, Coach Bot helps companies lean into perfecting and actually using their HR-related SOPs.”

– Jason Beutler, RoboSource founder


See a LIVE DEMO of Coach Bot! 

What HR Processes Can I Automate?

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Automate On-Boarding

On-boarding processes often require data being added to several different systems and creating things like new user accounts, email addresses, and access rights for applications. All of this can be automated through Coach Bot. Coach Bot can automatically activate a play for the onboarding workflow and streamline the whole process. It even knows which systems new employees should have access to by following business rules!

Coach Bot isn’t just reactive either. It can send documents to new employees or start the on-boarding process by watching for specific documents to come through.

Training Administration

If you have a solid training process that follows business rules and works the same way every time, Coach Bot can run that workflow. It can be used to aggregate data for performance reviews, pull information out of various systems, and compile it into an annual report. Other training areas that Coach Bot can help with? Managing goal setting, calculating incentives, or evaluating rewards – all of these can be automated through Coach Bot.

Automation with Coach Bot makes the performance management process more efficient, free of errors, and less time consuming.


Remember the days of wading through resumes for an open job position? Sure, there is software to track the recruitment process, but Coach Bot can actually run the process for you. It can monitor an email inbox for interested candidates or respond to forms from your website. Information from resumes can be scraped and added to tracking software (or even just Excel). Coach Bot can even look for certain qualifications and keep applicants on track to the application process.

And you? You can spend more time crafting a unique interview process, and doing one of the things that humans do best – connecting with new applicants.

Payroll Automation

Payroll is a perfect example of a repetitive, monotonous task that is vital to the operations of the company. Those criteria, along with the fact that payroll almost always follows business rules, makes it a perfect candidate for Coach Bot. Payroll often involves large amounts of data, which rises the risk factor. Using Coach Bot reduces this risk pretty much to zero, as Coach Bot doesn’t “make careless mistakes.”

Travel & Expense Management

Often Human Resources specialists are tasked with the manual process of keeping track of travel & other expenses. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Coach Bot can extract data from employee receipts, and then cross-check individual expenses agains company rules and expenditure regulations. It can then communicate with payroll programs to track reimbursements.

With any manual process, there is a high chance of error. When Coach Bot is involved, errors are eliminated.

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