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Automation not only gives time back to busy insurance professionals, but it also enables far more engaging interactions with customers. For example, when a customer calls for a billing question … instead of spending time pulling a customer’s background information from multiple systems manually, when they first call in, a software robot can work in the background to source that data.

Property Casualty 360, "Automation can help P& insurers rebound from the pandemic"

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Processing Claims

Studies show that processing claims using RPA makes the process go 75% faster than a manual approach and improves the quality and accuracy of the process. “Companies who have been early to adopt automation of some aspects of their claims process can experience significant fall in processing time, cost, and a good increase in service quality” (How Can AI Assist & Streamline the Claims Management Process?)

In addition, we are now starting to see AI used as a disruptive force in the Insurance Industry. AI can be used for things like claims verification and watching out for expensive fraudulent claims, human errors, and accidental inaccuracies by identifying data patterns in claims reports.

Regulatory Compliance

Obviously, the strict guidelines for documenting work and creating audit trails takes a toll. RPA bots can be key as they can easily be trained to validate existing customer information, generate regulatory reports, and send out account closure processing notifications. Bots can also monitor compliance through internal reviews. All of a digital bot’s actions are logged, which helps insurance companies fare better in the case of external audits.

Sales & Analytics

Sales metrics can be a lot to keep up with – and sometimes calculating daily KPIs takes almost as much time as certain sales activities. RPA can pull data and calculate metrics automatically. Combined with a data program like Microsoft’s Power BI, the sales team can have easy access to a dashboard of metrics, whenever it’s needed. Of course, other areas of the company can use the metric and analytic help as well, allowing your team to have direct access to information-heavy, interpreted data, such as processed transactions.


Underwriting comes down to evaluating the risks associated with prospective clients and deciding the price that should be charged for insuring that risk. RPA bots can automate the process by gathering data from both internal and external sources (even exploring a customer’s social profile to determine their living patterns, lifestyle, and financial responsibility), entering data into internal sites, and generating reports. This saves time and virtually eliminates errors.

Digital bots can then take info and copy it into spreadsheets or emails. If your company processes 500 applications each day, that’s a whole lot of time that can be saved!

Reduction of On-Boarding Costs

As those in the industry well know, every new customer requires a LOT of paperwork and forms. Digital bots can streamline the process by gathering data like company name, industry sector, contact person, etc, and fill in part of the paperwork automatically.

Of course, managing the data and inputting it into various systems can be done through RPA as well, saving the company mindless man hours and increasing accuracy.


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