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How are different industries using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Reduction of errors is a HUGE driver in using /process-automation-banking/. But RPA also saves on labor and operational costs. According to Claysys, “Automation has led to banks being able to identify accounts that are likely to cause threats and flag them. Banks can thus scrutinize these accounts and initiate fraud investigation.” Banking and financial services were one of the first industries to start incorporating RPA into their processes. In fact, in 2019, they were market leaders in RPA adoption, accounting for a 29% share of the global revenue, according to Grand View Research.

RPA for healthcare is improving the industry’s operational efficiency exponentially. Speed and efficiency are the drivers for using RPA to meet the challenges of strict regulations concerning patient data and fewer resources. Healthcare has long relied on paper documents and out-of-date legacy software systems, and RPA bots are natural for extracting information from paper and/or legacy systems and depositing it into a system that is easily usable by patients and healthcare providers.

Any organization that has employees has HR tasks that can be automated through RPA – the question is just if the organization has enough employees to make it worth its while. HR functions such as running payroll, administrating a training process, and administrating recruitment can all be accomplished using digital bots. According to SHRM, “Industry experts say improvements in the user-friendliness of the technology, as well as a growing desire to free HR staff from manual tasks so they can pursue work that adds more value to the organization, has led more to HR groups to evaluate or implement the technology.”

RPA can aid the logistics industry by automating data entry, predictive maintenance, purchase orders, or order management. When RPA is combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence, bots can gather data from vendors and customers, run simulations, and analyze alternatives.

Manufacturing companies are already using industrial robots in the production line. But they are just starting to understand the power of RPA software bots on their back-office systems. Manufacturing organizations can reduce bill of materials’ errors, refine inventory management, and take advantage of automation to connect legacy software systems, all through the power of RPA. Various reports can be generated automatically, like inventory, accounts payable, receivables.

Retail is full of basic, mundane tasks like product scanning, data analytics, extraction of critical information from manufacturer websites, and inventory management. E-commerce needs processes to manage constantly changing order and shipping statuses. All of these can be automated using RPA. Of course, many other industries touch retail, such as human resources and finance, which can also be streamlined with RPA for retailers.

The insurance industry is highly regulated and paperwork HEAVY, so RPA is a natural advantage. RPA can be used to streamline core processes in insurance like the reconciliation process, the accrual process, invoice creation, or endorsement processing. According to the Mckinsey study, 25% of the instance industry will be automated by 2025, since the industry is “full of bottlenecks and manual processes such as claims processing, underwriting, policy administration, and customer service.”

RoboSource specializes in RPA-as-a-Service (RPAaaS) to keep costs lower for our clients. But we automate in other ways too, including:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a way to delegate labor-intensive, repetitive, rules-based computer tasks to digital bots, freeing up the human workforce to solve problems and innovate. RPA bots can interact with almost any system or application or website in the same way you do, as long as the process follows business rules.

Process Mining / Automation

Let us dream with you about how technology could change the day-to-day operations of your business. Our expert engineers and analysts are trained to help you mine for operational processes that can easily (and affordably) be automated. Interested in learning more? Set up a free consultation today.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Data used correctly can help businesses gain insights, make decisions, and share progress with stakeholders. We leverage various reporting development tools to help you determine how to get the information you need from your data. We can develop custom dashboards, build data warehouses, or add reports to existing systems.

Application Development

Have a tired Excel spreadsheet or Access database that needs automation? Sometimes the best way to automate is to go custom. We’ll turn that headache into a web or mobile application – tailored exactly to your needs. Let us guide you through the entire software project life cycle, from front-end User Experience to the back-end data model.

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What Our Clients Say

“Working with RoboSource to create this bot saved our organization significant man hours, improved our data, and reduced the stress on our already overwhelmed staff.”

Shawn Miller, Community Health Network


“The RoboSource team / experience has been an absolute pleasure. They have provided the solutions required to meet our needs in the time frame and budget allowed. The team is open minded and came to understand the complexity of our business quite quickly, which allowed for a robust, user-friendly solution.”

Don Hummer, Cummins, Inc.


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