The Coach Bot Process Enforcer? It may be the first piece of software that we can’t wait to release, for US as much as for our clients!


Why RoboSource Needs an SOP Enforcer

Here’s a classic example that happened just this week. Because RoboSource creates several different kinds of custom software – process automation, custom web/phone apps, data analytics – we have several different standard operating procedures (SOPs) for creating proposals for new work. Not too long ago, we worked hard to streamline the process automation proposal process, creating easy-to-use PDF forms to make proposals as easy as possible. It was a beautiful process, ready to save RoboSource time and money, all while providing more value for our clients.

And then we hit a dry spell. We did proposals almost entirely for web/phone apps or data analytics projects for several months. And then another process automation proposal came up. And can you guess what happened?

I really hope we’re not the only company that does this – invests time and money to streamline the SOP only to completely fail to follow it. That’s what we did. The morning the proposal was due was a flurry of “why-didn’t-this-happen?” and “what-can-we-do-in-the-short-time-we-have-instead?”. It wasn’t pretty.


If We’d Been Using Coach: SOP Enforcer…

Here’s what would have happened:

  • When the sales team got word that the potential client needed a proposal, they would have kicked off Coach Bot’s RPA Proposal SOP.
  • An email would have gone to the finance department, asking for an invoice to be sent for the initial process discovery fee. Finance would have sent the invoice, then pushed a button indicating that the step was done.
  • Coach would then have emailed the specified business analyst (BA) and software architect, asking them to schedule time to meet with the client for process discovery. These two team members happen to get very busy, so when they didn’t respond in 24 hours, Coach would have reminded them to schedule the meeting. They would have scheduled it, then reported back to Coach the date/time it was scheduled for.
  • When the meeting was approaching, Coach would remind the BA and the architect of the process, what kind of notes they need to take during the meeting, etc. He would make sure to send them the fillable PDF form.
  • After the meeting, Coach would remind the BA and architect that need to send the filled out PDF form, with a detailed flowchart attached, within 24 hours of the meeting. They’d probably push that deadline too, so after 20 hours, Coach would remind them. They’d get the proposal put together, and push the button notifying Coach that they’d sent it back to sales.
  • Coach would remind the sales team that they should now have the proposal and ask them to schedule a meeting with the potential client within 24 hours. When they scheduled it, they’d let Coach know.

Coach would have ensured that every step of the SOP had gotten followed. And afterward, he would have been able to report back about which steps were the least efficient.

Come on, doesn’t EVERY small business need this?


When Can We Use Coach Bot?

Good news – RoboSource is building the system, and it will soon be available in beta for a reduced price. Want to get on the list to be notified when Coach Bot is available? Fill out the form below to get on the mailing list!

And say goodbye to the “we-didn’t-follow-SOP” scramble! I know we can’t wait to use Coach!

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