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“… the manufacturing sector is again leading the way as it increasingly adopts robotic process automation (RPA) to improve both back-office operations and production floor activities. This includes everything from order processing and fulfillment to inventory, transportation management, and customer support.”

"How Robotic Processing Automation Will Change in 2021" by Tony Higgins


RPA insurance uses

Inventory Management

According to einfochips, “Demand supply planning is done manually including data gathering, data standardization, data cleaning, or running simulations on a tool. However, these tasks can now be automated with RPA.”

Bots are able to read the needed documents, extract the data, and update stock details in enterprise systems. Then they can send notifications to planners about needing to update stock. And those bots, they do this 24-7, without ever taking a break, and they never make mistakes. Bots can even query carrier tracking systems to retrieve proof of delivery information.

Data Migration

To keep up, manufacturing companies occasionally need to upgrade their software systems. It seems silly – like something that happens once in a blue moon – but moving data from a legacy system into a new one is something that always ends up taking a ton of time and costing the company a lot of money. And RPA bots can do it for you. The best part? They move data seamlessly until the task is complete, without taking breaks. And the the bots won’t make any mistakes or typos.

Many RPA projects are things that happen every week or month, but bots can also be used to automate a one-time process like data migration. And it’s often cheaper and much less hassle than hiring a team of temporary laborers.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

The BoM document consists of a comprehensive record of materials / components that are needed for creating a new item or product. Any mistake committed on the BoM can adversely affect the production cycle, resulting in large losses for the company. RPA bots can help complete the BoM and verify new product data, making sure that the parameters are accurate and in sync across engineering, procurement, and planning systems. Using RPA can eliminate the need for spreadsheets that manage BoM systems, and bots can set up automatic alerts for changes in the system.

Customer Service

Many of the queries that customer supports teams get are repetitive, dealing with the same problems that are solved the same ways. That’s where RPA bots can help out. They can respond to and log complaints filed by customers, forwarding them to the proper department and saving time for the front-office staff. Sometimes, RPA bots can be programmed to notice problems before the client does, providing proactive customer service.

Often call centers use many different applications to track data. RPA bots can take the high volume, low complexity tasks of entering data into many different systems and do it quicker than human resources and in an error-free way.

Back-Office Efficiency

RPA bots can take over on many routine administrative tasks, like answering email queries, scheduling meetings, ordering supplies, and creating / filing invoices. Invoice processing is a manual, time-consuming process that is prone to mistakes. Software bots can automatically send invoices to the next department for approval and enter / update information in the system.

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