Think automation is too expensive?
You’ll be amazed how affordable it is with RPA-as-a-Service.

You don’t have to buy software. You don’t have to hire anyone.
Jump into automation today with RPA-as-a-Service

Quick to Set-Up

RoboSource will get everything set up for your automation. Since everything is stored on the Cloud, there’s nothing for you to do, except help our team understand your process and approve the automation.

Quick to Get Started

Are you bleeding money and need an automation solution FAST? We can do that. RPAaaS is quick to get started and quick to get running. For some processes, we can get an automation running in as little as one week.

Quick to Get Approval

Because the cost for RPAaaS is low (often falling below the “approval needed” amount), it’s quick to get permission to get started. Clients pay a small upfront cost for the process automation, then pay monthly to run it. RPAaaS eliminates large upfront costs that can make businesses pause before getting started.

What is RPA-as-a-Service?

An RPA-as-a-Service (RPAaaS) solution involves our team training and deploying a cloud-based software bot that will accomplish your team’s repetitive and high-volume tasks. The bots complete these tasks without much involvement on your part, because our team is keeping an eye on things. Using RPAaaS allows a business to scale their operations without the proportional increase in cost.


RPAaaS often has a shorter time to deployment, because we can use technology that we already have in place. It doesn’t require you to purchase your own servers, licensing, or professional services. You don’t have to hire someone who can keep things running for you. There are no hidden fees. It really is as easy as paying an upfront process-writing fee (and occasional updates), and then a monthly cost for the bot to do your work.

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