Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of RoboSource’s main strategies. But what exactly is it? We get this question often, so here’s an RPA example video to show you a process that has been automated.

This RPA example video shows a robot watching a specific inbox for new emails with attachments. You’ll see that it finds an email (the 5th one down) that it’s looking for and downloads the PDF invoice. The robot then reads the PDF and extracts the line items from the invoice. Finally, the robot opens Excel and puts the line item into columns in the Excel file.

RPA Example Video Breakdown:

  • 00:00 – 00:05 – Bot is reading emails in an Outlook inbox. It finds the email titled “Ben Invoice” and downloads the attachment from the email.
  • 00:06 – 00:09 – The bot opens Excel to put the data into the file once it has pulled it from the invoice.
  • 00:10 – 00:15 – The bot loads the invoice into an OCR / form processing tool.
  • 00:16 – 00:22 – The tool processes the invoice, identifying fields, tables, and data on the invoice.
  • 00:23 – 00:26 – The robot renames the file and puts it into a folder for archival.
  • 00:27 – 00:32 – Finally, the bot takes the line items from the invoice and types them into Excel.


RPA can be used to automate many mundane processes, allowing you to spend your time strategizing and solving problems. Wonder if it might work for one of your processes? Your consultation is always free at RoboSource – sign up for your free consultation here.

Learn more about RPA here. And here’s a more graphic representation of an RPA example video.