You can't clone yourself, but here's how to go about tech enabling your business


You can’t clone yourself … but you wish you could!

How many times have we wished we could clone ourselves? We don’t have time to handle the myriad of emails we receive, to talk with clients, to manage our CRM and ERP and shipping store. There is simply too much to do. But there’s another way … tech enabling your business.

We’ve learned that technology can simplify our lives – and it has to a certain extent. Our CRM keeps all our business relationships in a central place that makes it easy to search and see how we are interacting with our clients. Our finance and accounting packages do a lot of things we used to have to do by hand.

But sometimes, tech makes things worse.

But at the end of the day, even these tools cause us to have to do more work. We have to keep these systems in sync. We have to copy data between the invoicing tools and the CRM. Our tech is now the thing that keeps us busy – think email. It comes to a point where we aren’t sure that technology is helping – and it might be hurting.

There is a conflict inside of us – “technology can make so much more work for us” vs. the using the magic of technology to make our business more efficient, smooth, and productive.


Tech enabling your business without adding to your load.

The question is this: how can you tech-enable your business without adding to your work load?

This is part of the promise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA can interact with your computer in a similar fashion to how a human would. If you navigate a website, download a pdf, read the pdf, and put the data into an Excel file, RPA can do that for you.

RPA makes tech-enablement for your business an attainable goal. The technology gives you an opportunity to add automation to your business without high-dollar consultants and massive project plans. Start with small, well-understood processes. Use RPA to automate the pieces that can be automated. This takes work off of you or your team’s plate and lets you explore the capabilities of the technology. You can begin to understand how a tool like RPA can be leveraged to make your business more responsive, focused, and effective.

Who knows, you might even be able to realize the magic of technology to empower your business and customers.

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