Have you ever wished you could squeeze more valuable information from your company’s Excel files?

Have you ever found a mistyped cell at the last minute that would have cost you a bundle if it had been missed?

Or lost sleep thinking about how many of those cells have been missed?

Does your Google search results page look like this?

You’re not alone.

In February, 2016, the Seattle School District mailed out student exam results—to the wrong students. Their spreadsheet had a sorting error that mismatched student names and addresses. Three hundred and forty-eight out of 1,200 students received the wrong exam results, along with more personal data of other students.

Before the 2012 London Olympics, the organizing committee oversold tickets for some synchronized swimming events. By 10,000 seats. How? A member of the ticket sales staff accidentally typed “20,000” into an Excel spreadsheet instead of “10,000”. Most people who bought an “imaginary” ticket were compensated with a ticket to another event. Not a cheap recovery for the organizing committee.

Those are just stories that were reported in the media, and there are plenty more where they came from. Imagine how many more went unreported.

Using Excel as your data management tool is a threat to your business’s effectiveness, efficiency, and security. Are you confident that your data is accurate? Is it safe?

Your business doesn’t have to become one of the statistics.

You don’t have to settle for inefficiency and lack of information.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness, it’s probably time to consider custom software.

Why? Because Excel is a spreadsheet tool, but it’s not a database. Pushing Excel beyond its intended purpose puts your business processes, and your bottom line, in jeopardy.

Getting cells mixed up in a sorting error shouldn’t be an option. Overselling tickets should be a non-issue. You should be spending your time growing your business instead of on wrestling with Excel to get the information you need.

Custom software can do all those things for you, and a lot more.

Is it time for your business to move beyond Excel? It’s a big decision.

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