We spend a lot of time talking about our people and how great they are. But behind many great people lie great PETS. So, without further delay, we give you: The Pets of RoboSource! (Some of whom are modeling their favorite RoboSource attire!)

Meet Murphy (the computer genius)

RoboSource human: Caleb Dinsmore

My favorite things: Stealing Caleb’s socks, playing tug-of-war, & hanging out with my buddies at doggy daycare

You know I’m mad when: I don’t come when called

One time, I got in trouble for: Eating a used condom while on a walk

My best trick is: Picking up and putting my toys away in a bin before bed

Wanna know more about me? Follow me on instagram – @Murphythefloof


Meet Malin (the broccoli-loving dog)

RoboSource human: Aaron Cannon

Malin’s favorite things: broccoli, walks, bananas

I get mad when: The whole family leaves me home alone

Once, I got in trouble for: Taking bites out of half a tray of chocolate cupcakes

My best trick: Keeping balloons in the air with my nose


Meet Sully (whatever you do, don’t mention her weight…)

RoboSource human: Elliot Jenks

Actual name: Sunflower, but we call her Sully

My favorite things: playing tug-of-war (we call it tuggy!) and jumping on the couch

I gets mad when: You call me muffin top because I’m kind-of fat now

Once, I got in trouble for: Getting all muddy whenever I find a nasty body of water

My best trick: Posting photos to my Instagram account (you can follow me – sully_coming_atcha!)


Meet Claudius (Don’t make this cat mad!)

RoboSource human: Matthew Champion

My favorite things: Knocking things off the counter, jumping on/off stuff, sitting in Amazon boxes

When I get mad, I: swat and bite

Once, I got in trouble for: Breaking the blinds


Meet Lana (Want to play tennis?)

RoboSource human: Matthew Champion

My favorite things: Food, tennis balls, walks

When I get mad, I: grunt

Once, I got in trouble for: Stealing a steak off the counter

My best trick: Respect knuckles


Meet Panda (the Cuddle Bug)

RoboSource human: Matthew Champion

My favorite things: People, splashing in water, all of the cuddles

Once, I got in trouble for: Breaking someone’s nose

My best trick: Rolling over at the sight of another dog


Meet Toby and Miles (the Snoopy beagle dogs)

RoboSource owner: Amy Bridgeman

Miles (left)

How old I am: 11

My favorite things: Sleeping and anything my humans are eating

My best trick: I can “stick ’em up,” then get shot and roll over

Toby (right)

How old I am: 3

My favorite things: Ice cubes and my stuffed monkey toy

I get in trouble for: Chasing (and catching) squirrels and barking at the dog next door

Read more about us: Follow us on Instagram – @MilesandToby


Meet Lucky, Greenie, Spotty, & Sucker

RoboSource human: Jonathan Trick

How you can tell us apart: Lucky (I’m the orange one), Greenie (I’m the orange and black one – bet you didn’t see that coming!), Spotty (I’m the white one with orange), Sucker (I’m the sucker fish)


Meet Piper (the dog), Mickey (the cat), Furfirr (the guinea pig), & Frankenstein & Conner Jr. (the fish)

RoboSource owner: James Loftis (his cute kids are pictured here, too)


I am a: Stafordshire Terrier

I’m scared of: Everything

I get jealous when: another pet (or kid) is getting attention

I’m pretty sure: That I’m much smaller than I am


I’ve been with the Loftis family: Through 13 different moves in three different states. I’m 15 years old.

My favorite things are: Canned cat food, water out of a running faucet


My favorite things are: Jumping and climbing out of my two-foot-tall playpen, running at night, purring when petted

The ramps in my cage? Yeah, I don’t use them

Frankenstein & Connor Jr.

We’ve beaten the odds because: We are still alive! Frankenstein was won at a fair and Conner Jr. was a 90-cent fish from Petsmart. We are now about 4x our original size!

Our favorite things are: Just swimming around

Our best trick: Recognizing our owners’ face when he feeds us at night