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What is Coach Bot? Simple Automation for Small Business

Coach Bot allows you to map out your workflows and add simple automations to streamline them. Should any task fall behind schedule or require human intervention, the Coach Bot notification system promptly alerts the responsible party, preventing bottlenecks
and keeping your business on track.
Coach Bot does all that. It’s your easy first step toward automation.

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How many hours per week do you spend doing manual tasks?
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So What Does Coach Bot Do?


Shows Efficiency Data

Sends Custom Notices

Allows for Parallel Steps

Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

Allows for Time-Based Delays


Automate Workflows

With Coach Bot’s workflow tool, you can enforce your processes using simple automations. Add processes like customer service or product launch. Use subplays to modularize your business functions and make your processes repeatable. Take the memory game out of your standard SOPs by using automation. Coach Bot makes it easy to do it the same way, every time, automating where possible.



Use Data to Increase Efficiency

Get data about how efficiently your processes are running. Which steps are taking the most time? How can you use automation to save time? You can even see a breakdown of which of your team members is most efficient. Coach Bot also gives you average amount of time it’s taking to run your metric-tracking play.



Send Custom Notifications

Coach Bot uses simple automation for small business to keep track of who needs to do what when running a process. If it’s your turn, you’ll get a custom email with specific instructions on what you need to do next. Once you’ve done what the step requests, you simply mark the step as “Done.” If you don’t do it soon enough, you’ll get a reminder email. Eventually the play owner will be notified if you simply don’t complete your part in the process. When making the workflow, you can include attachments in the notifications, use AI to write content, or embed videos to show a user exactly how to complete this step. It’s all customizable.



Parallel Step Functionality

Processes don’t always flow in a linear fashion. Coach Bot is a simple automation software that allows you to add parallel steps to speed up your play. So you don’t need to wait for customer service to send out that update. You can use a parallel step so go ahead and get ahead of the issue with a group email. That way, you’ll be working your process at the same time, getting finished more quickly.



Use Artificial Intelligence

AI is woven throughout the Coach Bot system. Do you have processes that require complex decision-making? Coach Bot can handle many of them. For example, you can ask the system to read emails, calculate sales tax, or enter info into a CRM. Coach Bot can also do what you’d expect an AI-bot to do – generate content.


Add Time-Based Delays

Coach Bot allows you to add “wait” steps into your workflows, so you can continue your play once the client kickoff meeting has occured. You can delay for a specific number of hours/days OR you can delay until a specific date – even a date that you’ve added earlier in the workflow.

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