What is a RoboSource apprenticeship?

For more than 10 years, RoboSource has been committed to helping the new generation of software engineers through our apprenticeship program. To that end, at the beginning of each summer, we hire a new “class” of apprentices. RoboSource apprentices serve right on our software development teams, getting real-world development experience. Some apprentices continue working (part-time and remotely) during the school year, and they are also welcome to return the next summer.

It’s a win-win – our apprentices win by making money year-round for school, and possibly graduating with up to three years of professional experience. And we win by being able to supplement our full-time team with excellent students.

During the summer apprenticeship, students are exposed to almost everything our full-time development team is. And we always include book clubs, lunch & learn sessions, and other ways for our students to develop the skills they need for the future workplace.

Of course, we always prefer to hire from our apprentice program, so future employment is a possibility too!

How to know if you’re a good fit

The most successful apprentices we’ve had have the following in common:

  • They are computer science majors. Our apprentices have at least one year of a computer science (or related) major completed.
  • They have already taken a class dealing with data structures.
  • They are figure-it-outers. We are a scrappy, small company. Students who are willing to dig in and figure things out are successful at RoboSource. Those that want very clear definition often aren’t.
  • They are looking for more than just a job. We expect our apprentices to become part of our RoboSource family. We have social activities during the summer and love it when apprentices like to get involved.
  • They want to learn more about small business. When you’re a RoboSource apprentice, you get exposed to the inner-workings of the business. Apprentices are encouraged to grab lunch with CEO Jason Beutler and ask any questions they have. Some students are uncomfortable in a quickly-shifting small business, so that’s something to consider.
  • They really want to invest. Our apprentices aren’t limited by the title “apprentice.” Those that want to dig in and learn something specific are encouraged to do so. This isn’t a sit-and-watch apprenticeship – we expect apprentices to get their hands dirty.


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