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AI Site #1 – AI News

Covered in the last week:

“Custom Instructions empower users to tailor their interactions with ChatGPT according to their unique needs and preferences, making conversations more dynamic and relevant.”

AI Site #2 – Science Daily

Covered in the last week:

“In a new study, a team prompted a popular AI model, ChatGPT, to perform one particularly time-consuming task: searching scientific literature. With that data, they built a second tool, a model to predict experimental results.”

AI Sites #3 – Wired

Covered in the last week:

“Suleyman explains why it’s not crazy to suggest that chatbots could topple governments, and he argues for a better way to assess artificial intelligence.”

AI Site #4 – Forbes AI

Covered in the last week:

“Consider deepfake technology, which can manipulate videos by transplanting one person’s likeness onto another, producing eerily convincing results. These tools, with their ability to design graphics, synthesize human voices and even simulate realistic human movements in videos, underscore the vast capabilities of generative AI.”

AI Sites #5 – MIT News

Covered in the last week:

“Researchers hypothesize that a powerful type of AI model known as a transformer could be implemented in the brain through networks of neuron and astrocyte cells. The work could offer insights into how the brain works and help scientists understand why transformers are so effective at machine-learning tasks.”