Though we rebranded from EduSource to RoboSource this year, our mission is still the same: training the next generation of software engineers. To that end, we offer an extended apprentice program that kicks off each summer. Today, we are opening applications for our apprentice class that will start in May 2022.

An apprenticeship at RoboSource is different from an internship for several reasons (though our program does generally fulfill the requirements for a college internship). The differences include:

  • Time frame. Though our apprentices are committed to work and learn for the summer, many apprentices go on to work for us during the school year as well (remotely when needed). Apprentices in good standing are also invited back for subsequent summers. It’s possible for students to graduate with three years of professional experience through RoboSource.
  • Work experience. Apprentices at RoboSource serve directly on our software engineering teams, and work on real, client-facing projects. Our apprentices occasionally get to give client demos and often attend client meetings.
  • Training. Though our apprentices work on real projects, we place a large emphasis on training. Our summer starts out with several days of formal training and team building. And throughout the summer, apprentices have opportunities like book clubs, one-on-one coaching, lunch-and-learns, and company-wide classes.
  • Future employment. Of course, we always hope to hire directly out of our apprentice program. When full-time, permanent jobs open at RoboSource, we look to our apprentices first, even contacting former apprentices to see if they happen to be available.


Here’s how to know if our apprentice program is right for you:

  • Computer science or comparable major OR graduation from a coding bootcamp. Though we are used to training in process and the software development life cycle, we don’t teach basic programming skills. So you need to know the basics before applying to our program. Think you have what it takes, even without the formal education? Contact us, and we’ll see if we agree.
  • Creative problem solvers. We value innovation highly at RoboSource, so we’re constantly on the lookout for what we call the Figure-it-Out Gene. Part of our final interview process involves a group problem solving activity.
  • Dependability. This is especially true for our apprentices who chose to continue working during the school year. Juggling a part-time (often remote) job while also being a student can be tricky. Though our apprentices are often as young as 19-years-old, we expect them to be mature beyond their years.
  • Culture fit. We are always on the lookout for students who exhibit our Core Values, which aren’t boring like profitability or integrity. Believe it or not, we have specific ways that we look for each of these values during the application process.

Interested? You can learn more on our EduSource Apprenticeship website here.

And when you’re ready to apply, go fill out an application here. Applications are open through January 2. During January, we’ll have students take an online assessment before choosing a group for team-based interviews in February. Our final decisions will be made by the end of February.

Have questions? Feel free to email directly.