Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere right now, and with it comes the admonition that small business owners NEED to be using it. Consider these recent news stories:

“As companies increasingly embrace AI, it becomes evident that if approached correctly, this technology could hold the key to remaining resilient.”  – A Step-By-Step Process for Implementing AI in a Small Business, Forbes

“Smaller-scale enterprises will always struggle to gain a strategic edge against resource-rich conglomerates, but AI offers a new landscape, and there are proven ways to fuel employees’ ability to embrace and maximize it. One of the most pivotal innovations that artificial intelligence offers small businesses is the ability to change the rules of engagement — a more level playing field.” – 6 Ways Small Business Owners Can Get their Employees to Use AI, Entrepreneur

AI seems vital for today’s small business, but according to Glassdoor, artificial intelligence engineers make a minimum of $100,000 per year. That’s a high price tag for small business, and puts formal AI implementation out of reach for some small businesses. But RoboSource can help with that.

Here’s how RoboSource makes AI technology affordable

Introducing Coach Bot, our process enforcement software. Sign up for Coach Bot, and here’s what you can expect:

  • Stage 1 – SOP/Tech consulting. After you sign up for Coach Bot, you’ll meet with an AI-expert to look holistically at your processes/SOPs (in Coach Bot, they’re called “plays”) to create a plan for optimization. Together, you’ll figure out how your organization can most benefit from AI and automation.
  • Stage 2 – Documentation & enforcement. Once you identify a starting place, you’ll work with the RoboSource team to document out the workflow in our Coach Bot software. As we document the process, we’ll add “enforcement,” which notifies team members when it’s their turn to complete a play step. If they don’t complete it in a timeframe that you expect, we’ll remind them and eventually notify you that the step isn’t getting completed.
  • Step 3 – Optimization through automation. Once the play is running well in Coach Bot, the RoboSource team will help you look for quick wins with automation. One team member spending a few hours each time copying data from one software to the next? Let’s automate that step.
  • Step 4 – AI. Finally, we’ll look at adding AI steps to your process. Our AI-backed bot can do things like read emails for context and enter info into a CRM.
  • Step 5 – Repeat as needed. Now you can repeat the process with other business plays or continue optimizing the first one. You can have five plays running at once and be working on optimization for all simultaneously. The RoboSource team is on hand for questions, and will continue to schedule occasional meetings with you to give advice or lend a hand.

Ready to invest in AI for your organization without the sky-high price tag? Contact us about Coach Bot!