RoboSource Specialty: Process Automation

Brett RidouxOne of our sweet spots is robotic process automation, and we used that to automate leadership evaluations.

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Automate Leadership Evaluations

The Problem:

A rapidly growing real estate and construction company created a formal employee leadership evaluation process. It allows managers to rate corporate culture fit, development, and advancement of each employee in their group. The survey itself represents the values of the company and only needs to be reviewed for possible improvements like any process or document.

Automating this process was a neat idea, but the task was daunting. The process has been done manually each year by a director in the training department. He estimated the time and effort of creating the leadership evaluations take most of his work time during two months of the year.

The Goal: Use RPA to Automate the Leadership Evaluations

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can have a digital worker (bot) do those same human steps, but faster and more efficiently. RPA is effective in automating a process with a large volume of repeatable tasks, so it’s an appropriate solution for this problem.

How We Solved It:

The existing process requires manually extracting the data from Survey Monkey, pasting it into an Excel spreadsheet, and formatting the spreadsheet so it can be copied into Word. Finally, the Word document is converted into a PDF and distributed to each manager to review with their direct reports.

RoboSource used an existing RPA platform to create the automation workflows. The bot:

  • Downloads survey results from Survey Monkey
  • Creates charts and the logic to pull in and plot data for an employee’s positive and negative factors
  • Determines naming standards to improve accuracy and consistency
  • Pauses the automation process right before creating the reports so supervisors can vet the scores before the evaluation is complete.

The Results:

The RoboSource team was able to automate the leadership evaluations. The process now takes hours instead of months. The process is scalable to account for the company’s growth and can be run whenever needed to account for surveys outside of the normal completion deadlines.

Perhaps best of all, the training department can focus their attention on what they were hired to do – training. And leave the repetitive work to the RoboSource automation team.