The Problem: Updating Vaccine Records in Time

Community Health Network mandated proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement to return to its facilities. A deadline was set by Community leadership for all employees, even front-line workers. Community created an authorization form on their SharePoint site for each employee to give authorization to check the employee’s COVID-19 vaccination records, but to check against the Indiana state database would require updating each employee’s records manually while still meeting the deadline.

The Goal: Automate to Save Time

To have the COVID-19 vaccinated records of all Community Health employees validated from the CHIRP (Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program) database and confirmed in Community’s ReadySet Employee Management System by the corporate deadline.

How We Solved It: Use RPA to Automate Verification

RoboSource used robotic process automation (RPA) to automate the validation process. The bot first found each employee’s consent form on SharePoint. This form allowed them to use the name they used for their vaccination, regardless of whether it is the name they use at Community.

Then the bot matched that data with the data from the CHIRP website and created a PDF document with proof of vaccination. Finally, the bot entered the information from CHIRP into the ReadySet system, along with the attached PDF for confirmation.

Shawn Miller, Internet/Portal Manager at Community Health said of the solution:

“Creating a bot that collects and communicates with an internal system and two external systems is truly impressive. RoboSource went above and beyond to quickly create a solution with many variables outside of our control.”

The Results: Quick & Accurate Validation

RoboSource processed and validated nearly 4,000 records in less than a week, ahead of the corporate deadline. The bot significantly reduced the number of Community staff involved in the project and ran the validation process 5x faster than employees had done previously. RoboSource is currently completing two similar projects for Community because of this success.

“Working with RoboSource to create this bot saved our organization significant man hours, improved our data, and reduced the stress on our already overwhelmed staff.” – Shawn Miller