We are RoboSource – two brands, one mission, one company. And yes, until 2021, we went by EduSource.

Our story starts in 2012, with two former college roommates and a big dream. “What if,” they pondered, “we outsourced software work to local university students rather than overseas? Could we come close to competing on price, while making things easier by eliminating problems like time zones, etc?” And that’s how RoboSource was born.

For eight years, RoboSource thrived as a company that wrote custom software of all kinds, all while training student apprentices on that real software. It’s a model that works – students get real-life experience through peer-to-peer mentoring and we have a natural talent pipeline.

But over and over again, we fielded the question: do you write education software? Though the name made perfect sense to us, we felt that it was causing confusion in the marketplace.

That, combined with the fact that we have been moving more and more into the world of process automation, gave us reason enough to rethink the brand. And in May 2021, we made the switch. We would now be RoboSource, a process automation company with a division called RoboSource, which represents its training branch. Our mission isn’t changing. It’s always been this:

RoboSource Mission


But we feel that using “RoboSource” as our main brand more accurately portrays what we do day-to-day. That is, automating processes, using tools like robotic process automation (RPA) and custom software.

But don’t worry – we’re still invested in training the next generation. As I write this, we have 8 college apprentices working in our offices, learning a variety of marketable skills and earning money for their college educations. If you want to read more about that, you can still visit www.EduSource.us any time!

Otherwise, take a browse around this site, which represents our new RoboSource brand. We’re still working on it – there will be more content coming. What do you think?